Do You Want to Get better city in CityVille ?


All you have to do is to get Neighbors

Get 1005 Neighbors + New Invitation In Second

How ?

Use My CityVille Neighbors Adder to get Fast Neighbors

Step 1:   Click Like

Step 2: Click View My Tutorial

Click Button to go to the Neighbors Adder to Get CityVille Neighbors

[You also gain free coins, goods and energy when your neighbors visit your city].
You can have up to 300 neighbors, but they have to be your Facebook friends first. Send your friends free energy by clicking on their names inside your video game. Ask them to send you free energy. The more energy you have, the faster you level up and get free City cash! CityVille friends help you complete goals, too, and goals are the fastest way of leveling up and getting City cash.

How to use Neighbors Adder ??
Please follow this simple instruction to USE.

1) Click the Button Neighbors Adder (It will open a new window)

2) A Small Pop-up Should Appear, And Choose ONE Of The Offer. (If No pop-up, please allow popup on your browser setting or using Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer)

3) Complete The Offer/Survey That You Choose Before / Choose and Click One Of The Offer In The Widget
4) Once The Offer Is Complete, The Pop-up Will Unlock and You Will Get A Link To PRIVATE Place.